Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes

Feb 16, 2019

Welcome to The Poker Club at West Houston's blog, where we share various interesting topics related to gambling, poker, and beyond. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of creating adorable Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes. Get ready to unleash your creativity and enhance your style with these unique hair accessories!

Materials Needed

  • A Pack of Miniature Artificial Flowers
  • Plain Metal Barrettes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Small Craft Scissors
  • Ribbon or Lace (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare Your Workstation

Before you begin crafting your Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes, it's essential to set up a clean and well-lit workspace. Gather all your materials and make sure you have enough space to work comfortably.

Step 2: Choose Your Miniature Flowers

Browse through the pack of miniature artificial flowers and select the ones you'd like to use for your barrettes. Make sure they are small enough to fit nicely on the barrette without overwhelming its size. Consider choosing flowers with vibrant colors to add a playful touch to your accessories.

Step 3: Prepare the Barrettes

Take the plain metal barrettes and carefully remove any existing embellishments or decorations. You want a clean surface to attach your flowers to. If desired, you can also choose to paint the barrettes in a color that complements the flowers or matches your personal style.

Step 4: Arrange and Trim the Flowers

Take one of the miniature flowers and experiment with different arrangements on the barrette. Make sure the proportions look visually appealing. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, use small craft scissors to trim the stems of the flowers to the desired length.

Step 5: Attach the Flowers

Using a hot glue gun, carefully apply a small amount of glue to the back of each flower. Press the flowers onto the barrette, holding them in place for a few seconds until the glue sets. Be cautious not to touch the hot glue to avoid burns.

Step 6: Add Extra Details (Optional)

If you want to further embellish your Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes, you can add some ribbon or lace to enhance the overall design. Tie a small bow, glue a piece of lace, or experiment with other decorative elements to create a unique look.

Step 7: Allow the Barrettes to Dry

After completing the flower arrangements and adding any optional details, set aside the barrettes and allow them to dry completely. This ensures the flowers and additional elements stay securely attached.

Step 8: Style and Enjoy!

Once the barrettes are fully dry, they are ready to be styled and worn. With your Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes, you can add a touch of whimsy to any hairstyle, whether it's an updo or simply pinning a few strands back. Let your creativity shine and rock your unique hair accessories.


Creating Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes is a rewarding and enjoyable crafting experience. These lovely hair accessories are not only perfect for poker enthusiasts looking to add a stylish twist to their outfits, but also for anyone interested in expressing their creativity and love for DIY projects. With just a few materials and simple steps, you'll have beautiful barrettes that showcase your personal style.

Remember to visit The Poker Club at West Houston's blog regularly for more exciting articles related to gambling, poker strategies, and various other topics that pique your interest. Stay tuned for more creative projects and informative content that will enhance your gaming experience and inspire your inner crafter!

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