Liquid AC: Cooling Peppermint Mister Spray DIY

Oct 28, 2020
Honky Tonk Kitchen

Welcome to The Poker Club at West Houston's blog! In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating your very own cooling peppermint mist spray. This easy DIY project will help you stay cool and refreshed during the hot summer days. Keep reading to discover the benefits and simple steps to make your own liquid AC!

Why Choose a Peppermint Mister Spray?

When the temperature rises and the sun beats down, finding ways to keep cool becomes a top priority. Traditional air conditioning units are effective, but they can be expensive to run and not easily portable. That's where a peppermint mist spray comes in handy. With its natural cooling properties, peppermint offers a refreshing experience that can instantly alleviate heat discomfort.

Peppermint has been known for its cooling properties for centuries. It contains menthol, which provides a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. By combining peppermint with a mister spray, you can create your own portable cooling system that can be used anytime, anywhere.

The Benefits of Peppermint Mist Spray

Using a peppermint mist spray has several advantages. Firstly, it is a natural and chemical-free solution, making it a safe option for all skin types. Unlike commercial cooling products that may contain harmful ingredients, a homemade peppermint mist spray allows you to have full control over what you put on your skin.

Secondly, peppermint has a pleasant aroma that can help relax your mind and enhance your mood. It provides a refreshing and invigorating sensation that can boost your energy levels, especially during the scorching summer heat.

Thirdly, peppermint mist spray can help soothe and relieve itchy skin caused by insect bites or sunburn. The cooling effect of the mist spray can reduce redness and inflammation, bringing instant relief to discomforted areas.

Creating Your Own Cooling Peppermint Mister Spray

Now that you understand the benefits, let's dive into the steps of creating your own cooling peppermint mist spray.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Before starting the DIY process, ensure you have the following ingredients ready:

  • 1 cup of distilled water
  • 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • A small spray bottle

Make sure to choose a high-quality peppermint essential oil for the best results. Organic and pure oils are recommended.

Step 2: Prepare the Mixture

In a small bowl, combine the distilled water with the peppermint essential oil. Stir well to ensure the oil is evenly distributed throughout the water.

Step 3: Transfer the Mixture to the Spray Bottle

Using a funnel, carefully pour the mixture into the spray bottle. Ensure that the bottle is clean and dry before transferring the solution.

Step 4: Close and Shake

Tightly close the spray bottle cap and shake it gently to mix the solution. This will help blend the water and essential oil, ensuring that each spray contains the refreshing peppermint goodness.

Step 5: Test and Enjoy

Once your peppermint mist spray is ready, give it a test spray to check the intensity and cooling effect. Adjust the number of peppermint oil drops according to your preference for a stronger or milder scent.

Carry your cooling peppermint mist spray wherever you go, whether it's a day at the beach, an outdoor picnic, or simply relaxing in your backyard. Spray it onto your face, neck, and any exposed skin for an instant cooling sensation that will revive and refresh you on those hot summer days.


In conclusion, creating your own cooling peppermint mist spray is a simple yet effective way to beat the summer heat. With natural ingredients and the soothing power of peppermint, you can experience a refreshing cooling experience without relying solely on traditional air conditioning.

Remember, the homemade peppermint mist spray not only provides physical cooling but also has aromatherapy benefits. Soothe your skin, uplift your mood, and stay cool with this DIY liquid AC solution.

If you are looking for more helpful DIY tips, informative articles, or exciting poker news, be sure to explore The Poker Club at West Houston's website and blog. We provide a wide range of resources to enhance your poker experience and offer a vibrant poker community for enthusiasts like you.

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