9+ Stylish Weaving Projects You Can Make with a Loom

May 11, 2019

Welcome to The Poker Club at West Houston, your ultimate destination for all things related to gambling and poker! In this blog post, we are excited to share with you some creative and stylish weaving projects that you can easily make with a loom. Whether you are a seasoned weaver or a beginner looking to explore a new artistic hobby, these weaving projects will inspire you to create beautiful and unique pieces of art.

1. Woven Wall Hangings

One of the most popular weaving projects is creating stunning woven wall hangings. With a loom and some colorful yarn, you can design intricate patterns and textures to adorn your walls. Experiment with different weaving techniques such as tapestry weaving or macramé knots to add depth and visual interest to your wall hangings.

2. Woven Tote Bags

If you're looking for a practical and fashionable weaving project, why not try weaving your own tote bag? With a loom and some sturdy cotton or linen yarn, you can create a durable and stylish bag that is uniquely yours. Personalize it with patterns, colors, and even add pockets for extra functionality.

3. Woven Coasters

Elevate your dining experience with hand-woven coasters. Using a small loom, weave colorful yarns together to create intricate patterns and designs. These coasters not only protect your table surfaces but also add a touch of elegance to your dining area.

4. Woven Scarves

Stay warm and stylish during the colder months by weaving your own scarves. With a large loom and soft, luxurious yarns, you can create cozy and fashionable scarves that will be the envy of your friends. Experiment with different patterns and textures to add a unique touch to your creations.

5. Woven Rugs

Add warmth and personality to your living spaces with hand-woven rugs. With a larger loom and sturdy yarns, you can create beautiful rugs that reflect your personal style. Experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns to design rugs that perfectly complement your home decor.

6. Woven Hair Accessories

Elevate your hairstyle with hand-woven hair accessories. From headbands to hair clips, you can weave intricate patterns and designs using a small loom and fine yarns. These accessories will add a unique touch to your everyday look and make you stand out from the crowd.

7. Woven Pillow Covers

Refresh your home decor with woven pillow covers. Using a loom and soft, cozy yarns, you can create pillow covers that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable. Experiment with different colors and patterns to match your existing decor or create a bold statement piece.

8. Woven Jewelry

Add a touch of bohemian charm to your jewelry collection with hand-woven accessories. Using a small loom and delicate threads, you can create unique bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Experiment with different weaving techniques and incorporate beads or charms for added elegance.

9. Woven Table Runners

Impress your guests with hand-woven table runners that add a touch of sophistication to your dining table. With a loom and durable yarns, you can create table runners with intricate patterns and designs. Choose colors that complement your dinnerware and create a stunning table setting.

10. Woven Wall Art

Transform your walls into a gallery of woven masterpieces with woven wall art. Using a combination of different weaving techniques, you can create stunning and visually captivating pieces of art that reflect your personal style and taste. Use a large loom to create larger-scale designs that become a focal point in any room.


Weaving is a versatile and creative craft that allows you to express your unique style and create beautiful pieces of art. With a loom and some colorful yarns, you can embark on a journey of self-expression and exploration. The Poker Club at West Houston encourages you to try out these stylish weaving projects and discover the joy of creating something truly special with your own hands.

Remember, whether you're a seasoned weaver or just beginning, the key is to let your creativity flow and have fun along the way. Happy weaving!

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